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Design Improv

in collaboration with Alex Page & Alex Carroll

As artists and designers, Alex, Dace, and Alex have struggled straddling this fine line, but it’s actually not a line at all. This line is non-existent since the terms art and design are fluid and describe different/same aspects of the same/different things. By researching exactly what design is and comparing this to our own notions, we concluded that art is design. We then designed based off of one another's inspirations

These designs were printed out and randomly given to the various “artists” and “designers” around Wey Hall. We extended this to professors as well as students to receive a wide range of responses. The responders were given the option to submit their finished piece using a digital format: instagram by tagging us @designimprov and #designimprov, or an analog format: locker submission to locker 101. This interaction between artists and designers opened up a dialogue of creativity between these two seemingly separate components of Wey Hall.


Design Improv Culmination 2018

Design Improv Culmination 2018